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ANNOUNCING: 109 World mission trip in Sweden!

We are an all-women team running the non-profit 109 World and have been longing to do a mission trip focused on women’s issues and female empowerment. We have decided to focus on a heavy, difficult and widespread issue this year: sexual violence and rape.

Sexual violence happens all over the world no matter the country, financial status or level of education. Every single woman that has to suffer through this atrocity and its aftermath is one woman too many.

Join me in Öland, Sweden August 17-20 for a mission trip focused on supporting women who are victims of sexual abuse. The main focus of this trip is to raise funds for the Panzi Hospital in Congo (dubbed the “rape capital of the world” from the mind boggling number of rapes that occur every day) where sexual violence toward women is used as a method of war. It’s a heavy subject to talk about and too many women suffer in silence. At the Panzi Hospital they do life saving work to support women in need and have adopted a very specific way of helping women in their physical and emotional healing process. The hospital is in urgent need of funds and support and we hope to raise a ton of money through this trip! That’s where YOU come in💪🏼 – join us!

We will also work with the Swedish organization PMU to raise awareness and get insight into what we can do to support women we know who are victims of sexual abuse and how to support and empower each other. We already know amazing things happen when women come together – this is no exception.

Join us and a community of inspiring women in Sweden to get a close look into the specific issue of sexual violence and how we can help alleviate it by speaking up, standing up for our rights and making sure to support programs that take care and empowers women all around the world. I will be there to teach yoga every day with Olivia and both of our moms and babies will be joining the trip, too. Let’s blow this one out of the water! Click here to learn more and sign up or email info@109world.com if you have questions.
Hope to see you in August!

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