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Here is an example of what life is like for people less fortunate than you and I.

The people of Ecuador impacted by the major earthquake that took place this April are struggling for their lives. Most homes have completely disintegrated and families now live in make-shift houses created with tarp and pieces of metal. Many sleep in the dirt directly on the floor. Children are the ones who suffer the most – where do you turn to when you’ve lost everything? How do you start over when there is nothing left?

Join 109 World in Ecuador August 5-10 and help make a difference! We’ll be arriving with a group of dedicated people to do hands-on work to help rebuild this community and most important of all, support the children effected. Dennis and I will be there and every day begins with yoga and meditation to ground us before we head out to help. This is not your regular mission trip!!! ALL profits go straight to the cause. There is no middle man. No bullshit. Full transparency. I teach for free and everyone supporting dedicates both their time and money to fully support LOCAL initiatives that will continue long after the trip is over. 109 World creates sustainable change! And you have the power to join us. Come! 

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