Apple Cinnamon Bowl in General, Recipes

This is one of my favourite snacks to make when I need an afternoon boost. It’s ridiculously simple to make, delicious and so good for you! My grandmother used to make me and my brother a version of this when we were kids, but instead of almond milk she’d use regular milk and heavy cream(!) and then we’d pour a huge pile of sugar on top. This version is a lot healthier and tastes amazing – I’m pretty sure my grandma would approve.

  • 1 big apple
  • handful of almonds
  • almond milk
  • cinnamon

Grate the entire apple and put in a bowl. If you only have small apples, use two! Chop up the almonds and put on top. Enjoy with almond milk and a big dash of cinnamon! It doesn’t get easier than this. I hope you love it!

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