Arriving in Love, Motherhood, Travel

And now, here I am. Grass beneath my feet. Olive trees and figs and fresh lavender as far as the eye can see. Baby sleeping soundly. Body craving movement. All. Is. Well.
I used to feel like such a free spirit, like I was meant to wander and travel the world and never settle down. It was part of my identity, going from place to place. I was always proud to have filled a passport with stamps and would feel so accomplished about having to get a new one, or how one year Dennis and I spent less than six weeks at home. The more places I went, the more things I saw, the more worldly and experienced I felt. I had years where home was my suitcase and whichever next destination sounded promising. Now… It’s different. I’m different. We have a baby. Little moon. She changed everything. All the lessons I used to learn traveling I’m learning at home, and then some. And as much as I would love to cling to my old identity and embody the idea of a “free spirited family” where we see all corners of the world and keep traveling to teach and tour and explore… I don’t want to. I miss home. Here is a brand new truth: I don’t love traveling anymore (can’t believe I just said that)! I do, however, love arriving. And here I am. In my body. Settling.
Remembering that wherever I go, there I am. So much yet to learn.