Beautiful Transition in General, Love

Keeping my phone turned off is magical.

I’m realizing now just how much time I have wasted over the years mindlessly scrolling through endless photos of people I don’t even give a damn about. I’m not using my iPhone right now aside from popping in to post this but I will be unfollowing every single person on social media whose journey isn’t beneficial to the evolution of my being. I suggest you do the same!

Think of your phone as a little vision board. You create your own reality and the life you lead is very much based on the level of vibration you reside in. Chose authenticity over ego. Truth over fame. Inspiration is real when it makes your heart flutter, not when it makes you want to lose a pound or go shopping for designer clothes.

I honestly can’t believe the high pace I’ve been keeping up these past few years. It’s a miracle I didn’t burn out. I’m normally so controlling when it comes to my businesses and need to be involved in absolutely everything that’s going on but I dropped it all almost two weeks and guess what? All is well! Letting go of control allows other people to rise and there hasn’t been a single emergency since I’ve been gone. I might just take another week for myself!

Now I feel like the rest of the world is spinning and I’m standing still. I think of how I often would rush through my day running from place to place; eating in front of the computer so I could keep working, answering emails while I’m on the phone, snapchatting while walking the dogs. THIS IS CRAZY PEOPLE!

It’s not that my life wasn’t good before; I had plenty of beautiful moments and experiences. But I was lacking the undercurrent of peace. It took an effort, finding silence. Our minds are so busy we have forgotten what it’s like to move at a normal pace! Right now I’m in this incredible space where I sort of just want to sit in silence all the time. Do one thing at a time. I had to turn my music off when I was drinking tea today because it was too distracting to do both things at once. My tea needed all of my attention.

It’s odd, this transition. Absolutely fucking beautiful. And needed.