5 Wellness Tips in General, Love


Here are five of my favorite wellness practices you can implement into your daily life - from me to you!   1 - Create sacred mornings. Give yourself the time and space needed to have time to start each day off right. Light a candle, sit in meditation for a few minutes, practice yoga, eat a good breakfast. Set your intentions for the day! Rushing out the door sets a hectic tone for the day. Make your mornings sacred and the rest of the day will follow suit. 2 - Drink hot lemon water in...

Married two years! in General, Love


Today is our second wedding anniversary! We got married June 28, 2014 in a castle in Sweden surrounded by all of our friends and our families. I look at the photos from our wedding weekend and get goosebumps all over. It was so, so, so special. So much love. Here is a little selection of photos for you! All photos by Ben Kane.

Feeling Uninspired in General


Today is an uninspired day for me. I'm not sure why. I feel like blogging but I have nothing to say. I feel like writing but I don't know what to write. Sitting at a coffee shop with Dennis. Supposed to be doing emails, or writing, but kind of just sitting here instead. I know it's ok to have unproductive days! But it sucks on days when you actually want to be productive. Part of my new ways is that I fully go with the flow of where I am. I'm doing my absolute best...


Ask Us Your Questions! in General, Love


This Saturday, Dennis and I will be doing a LIVE Q&A session on Facebook! This is your chance to ask about relationship stuff, working with your spouse, travels, yoga, business, life... The sky is the limit! Pre-ask your questions here (you can also ask in real-time during the session). He doesn't usually do this stuff with me so it will be fun! :) Ready, set... Ask! Leave your questions in the comments below! We'll be live this Saturday June 25 on the Yoga Girl Facebook page. 11 am AST / 11 am EST / 8...

Words in the Bucket: Everyday Philanthropy in General, Love, Retreats, Travel


THIS is what it's all about. Thank you Words In The Bucket for so beautifully capturing the heart and soul of the The 109 World mission! Read the article below or see the original publishing here.   Before, philanthropy was something very wealthy individuals were engaging in. Now, everybody can do it. Once you empower each individual, there’s nothing more powerful.” This mission – to change the trajectory of global development through the collective power of individuals – is the heart of the 109 World initiative. The young San-Francisco-based non-profit was founded on 7 Passions – Education,...

We’ve moved! in General


I'm SO excited to share with you all that oneoeight.tv has moved!! You can now find your home with us at www.oneoeight.com. This move is something we've had in the works for a while - it's a big step for us and a huge upgrade. The new site is much faster, easier to navigate, has a better filter system and a brand new home page video! We are also working on oneOeight 2.0 - a brand new look to the site with many added features. I had the idea yesterday that we could maybe ask...


109 World in Ecuador in General, Love, Retreats, Travel


  Here is an example of what life is like for people less fortunate than you and I. The people of Ecuador impacted by the major earthquake that took place this April are struggling for their lives. Most homes have completely disintegrated and families now live in make-shift houses created with tarp and pieces of metal. Many sleep in the dirt directly on the floor. Children are the ones who suffer the most - where do you turn to when you've lost everything? How do you start over when there is nothing left? Join 109...

DISfunkshion Magazine in General, Love


I'm SO excited to finally be able to share with you my all time favorite cover, shot for DISfunkshion Magazine and their upcoming Summer Issue! It was the most amazing shoot EVER! The issue will be released in two weeks. Here is a sneak peek!!! A BIG thank you to the incredible team: Photography by Jonathan Petit Photography Assistant: Johnathan Baena Hair/Makeup: Danielle van der Poel from Cuozzo Studio for Hair Aruba Styling: Hugette Montesinos     See more from the shoot here! xo,

Happiness is a Choice in Love


Slowly learning how to separate myself from drama. Happiness is a choice, did you know? And with it comes the knowing that it's fleeting. Impossible to grasp. Passing. Everything moves all the time! This moment is so fucking beautiful, so precious, but it's not mine to keep. It's precious for that very reason; I don't know what will come next. I can't predict life and have come to the conclusion that most of it is out of my control and none of my business anyway. All I know is that in this moment... I am...


Let Yourself Feel in General, Love


I just want to scream at the ocean. The biggest change within me is that when I feel, I really feel. A lot. A lot and right away. I can't push things down below the surface anymore. I don't want to. No more smiling to assure others, no more pretending, no more saying "I'm fine" when I'm not. I've been so happy and at peace every day since I came home a week ago I almost forgot that feeling sadness is a part of being me, too. It's all there. Emotions come and go and...