Love What You Do.

September, 5 2014

Free People made a beautiful video of me and Dennis and I’m just now seeing it in full! Check it out below. We did a retreat in Costa Rica with them earlier this year and sat down with me and Den separately to talk about life and business and... read more

LA Music!

September, 4 2014

Here is the playlist I created for the big class we did at the LA Shrine last Sunday. Over 500 people sweating, moving and breathing together! It was so beautiful. The class turned out so intimate even though we were so many – every single person really showed up... read more

Everyone is found.

September, 1 2014

Sadness comes and sadness goes. Sometimes the presence of pain is stronger than its absence. These days, my highs are so high and my lows are so low it’s a miracle I’m functioning at all. I wonder where my grandmother is and if she knows I don’t know what... read more

Holy Hummole!

August, 12 2014

This is the perfect example of a recipe gone bad turned AMAZING! I was making guacamole yesterday but the store didn’t have any ripe bass avocados so we got the caribbean kind (know which ones I mean? They’re huge, pale green with smooth skin). I know from experience this... read more
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