All is Well in Love


  So much of what your mind tells you is just noise. Dive into silence. Dwell in the space between the noise. Find the quiet space between your breaths. Connect to the rhythmic beating of your heart. For a moment, just... Stop. Close your eyes. Stay here. Surrender to what is. All is well. All is well. All is well. xo,

a love story, continued in General, Love


So… Off we went. Dennis had a white truck parked in the parking lot and as I opened the door, soda cans and old subway wrappers fell out and into the street. Dennis didn’t seem to notice. “Time to clean the car?” I asked. “What? Oh yea? I guess.” Emelie rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe you’re taking me in some strangers car!!” she muttered. “And a dirty car at that!” She was feisty, that’s for sure. I dropped Emelie off at the hotel with the promise of all the sugar in all of the...

A love story. in General


My whole life I've been looking for a place to belong. For many years I was running; from boyfriend to boyfriend, country to country. I'd throw myself into relationships thinking they would save me. I hurt a lot of people along the way. The year before I met Dennis I was head over heels in love no less than four times. I'd meet someone, experience an electric connection, convince myself that this was "it"... And then completely forget about the guy the moment something else caught my attention. What I didn't understand was that I was...

Finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos in Love


Friends, This Friday, February 10, I will be hosting a free oneOeight global livestream meditation "Finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos" from the newly opened Island Yoga Studio! This meditation is open to all, you do not need to be a oneOeight subscriber to participate!   Join me 4 pm AST / 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST at to participate in this beautiful worldwide community gathering with our oneOeight family! The entire world could use more peace right now, so lets spread this love far and wide! Let me know in the...

Surrender to Trust in General


My biggest fear, aside from something happening to Poppy (always in the back of my mind), is that I won't be able to be a good mom. I'm terrified of putting any weight on her shoulders, of unconsciously passing on my pain to her. A part of me knows that this timing is divine and that everything I've ever been through has brought me here and that I'm ready. Ready to shower her with unconditional love without anything old clouding our bond. I'm ready for this love. I'm ready to be a mom. A part...

Halftime Hips in General


Feeling tight or sore through your hips? Enjoy this super yummy restorative class "Halftime Hips" on oneOeight to find openness and space in your body! Beginning on our backs in Supta Baddha Konasana, we’ll tune into the sensation in the hips and observe the flow of breath moving about the body. Staying close to the ground, we’ll move through a gentle flow with longer held postures like Lizard and Pigeon to rid of tension present in the hips. This class will help you find peace and a healing Savasana. Bathe in the energetic release flowing...

LIVE oneOeight Celebration on 1/08! in General


What are your plans this weekend? This Sunday, January 8th, our oneOeight family is gathering together from across the globe to move and flow in unison celebrating all things oneOeight...and YOU'RE INVITED!!!! I'll be teaching a *LIVE* class from the brand new Island Yoga studio in Aruba in honor of this special occasion and streaming it worldwide for all to join. Together, we'll connect to one another through our practice and celebrate the sacred number that is 108! Mark your calendar and join in this Sunday at:! The community celebration starts at 11 am PST /...

Turn That Frown Upside Down in General


Having a bad day? Shift your perspective and turn your day around in this dynamic oneOeight meditative flow "Turn That Frown Upside Down" to help you find happiness! Starting in silent contemplation, class begins by moving deeper into whatever sensation might be causing you to feel heavy or sad. We’ll sit with this feeling, trying to embrace whatever might be bringing you down – allowing it to take up space in the body from within. As we deepen our awareness, we’ll activate the breath and move into a cleansing and uplifting flow. This fluid practice is complete...

You’re Invited: Island Yoga Grand Opening Party! in General


Friends, I am so proud to share that our new studio, Island Yoga, will be opening it’s doors on the first day of the new year! Please join us on January 1 for this long-awaited celebration of sacred community creation. In keeping with January 1st tradition, we will be practicing 108 Sun Salutations in the main shala at 3 PM, followed by a big celebration with food, drinks, and music. The yoga session is limited to 74 people so please email to reserve your spot! If you’d like to enjoy the celebration only, please join...

Setting New Year Intentions in General


Grab your journal and a pen and join me on oneOeight to set your New Year intentions!  In this fun workshop style class, I'll guide you through creating a sacred space and setting your intentions so you can head into 2017 with a full heart and clear mind! This class is broken down into five steps and will allow you to dedicate time to each step.   Together we'll: 1. Create a Sacred Space 2. Meditate on Heart’s Desires 3. Journal on Manifestation for 2017 4. Commit to Intentions & Set Affirmations 5. Set New Year Intentions...