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April, 16 2014

I received this comment on one of my latest blog posts. ———————————————————————– Hi Rachel, I might regret these words right after I’ve sent them but this is how I feel in this very moment and I wanted to let you know. I’ve been very close to stop following you... read more


April, 15 2014

When I left Sweden and started traveling the world my mom used to tell her friends I was on a “world tour” when they asked what I was up to recently. And it has never felt more true than right now! I have been traveling constantly since the beginning... read more


April, 7 2014

Enjoying some very lovely days here in Rio de Janeiro. Changing hotels today and moving from Barra to Ipanema, fun to see different parts of the city! I will be sharing more of our travels here on the blog. Hope you enjoy it read more


April, 1 2014

I am sad. Yes. I’ve said it. We all know it. I am sad. I’m sad I’m sad I’m sad I’m sad I’m sad. And it doesn’t go away. I have these moments of space in between the sadness where things are alost normal; eating dinner with my friends... read more
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