Favorite Poem

December, 17 2014

I come back to this poem over and over again. In dark moments when I feel like I can’t think of anything good, I read it. And then I read it again. And again. I’ve even thought of having it tattooed, even though it probably would cover a large... read more

Dirty Hot Chocolate

December, 17 2014

‘Tis the season! I’ve decided to share one of the recipes from my new book with you, but with a holiday twist. Dirty Hot Chocolate is one of my favorite things to enjoy during Christmas time; it’s a hot drink thats not only delicious but SO good for you.... read more

Is life better on the beach?

November, 25 2014

Life is better on the beach! In a bikini! Kicking up to handstand! Or… Is it? I’m in Stockholm. It’s November. I wrote a book and it was released a week ago and since then we’ve had to reprint three times. It’s crazy! I´m focusing on being present in... read more

No-Rice Veggie SUSHI!

November, 4 2014

I made the most delicious sushi the other day… Honestly, I don’t know how it happened! We usually don’t make sushi at home but I randomly got nori paper at the grocery store, we had lots of veggies at the house et voilà… Deliciousness! The key to making good... read more
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