DIY Sprouts! in General, Recipes


I love, love LOVE sprouts. They are super nutritious, delicious and a live food meaning they are bursting with active enzymes! And the best part is they are so easy to grow at home. You can sprout beans and legumes, grains, grass and microgreens. The time needed differs between what you are sprouting, so do some research before you get started! I have been sprouting alfalfa seeds all month long. This is what you will need: 2 tbsp of sprouting seeds (I used alfalfa but you can use mungbean, sunflower, broccoli seeds or whatever you...

Do more. in General, Love

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This year has truly been all about taking chances. I've had this nagging feeling at the pit of my stomach for over a year now: I want to do more. I love teaching yoga and I love being a writer and I love sharing it all through social media... But I want to do more. I don't think I happened to come across this community by chance. Sharing these words there is a possibility that 1 675,755 people read it on Instagram, and another 216,141 on Facebook. My place in all of this is not random....

Yoga Across America in General


I'm so excited to finally be able to get this blog up! Earlier this year we embarked on The Happiness Tour, a combined book and yoga tour across the US for the release of Yoga Girl. I decided before we left to try to connect with as many yoga teachers as possible, book private classes in every city and explore what the local yoga community had to offer in each place. Since I was teaching such large classes we got great support from local teachers to help assist in every city! We ended up meeting...

oneOeight in General, Love


As a social media influencer I get to interact with thousands of people every single day. Throughout the past years I have shared my highs and my lows, the good and the bad, doing my best to inspire my close to 2 million followers across the world. Actually, I don’t like the term “followers”. I prefer to call it for what it actually is: a community. Through social media we are creating community on a global level, intertwining and connecting people from different backgrounds, with different life stories and different dreams. As a yoga teacher,...

Powered by the Sun in General

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So in love with the new sustainable gadgets I see all around! Going to the beach with a solar powered backpack feels like something from Back to the Future... But charging my phone using the sun while on the beach? Pretty epic.   From Birksun.

A Stray Dog and a Sacred Place in General, Love


The picture above is my house. This mess was one of the most valuable things to happen all year. Bringing Polly home was like bringing home a hurricane. A happy, tail-wagging, treat-eating, playful hurricane that had a huge appetite for walks - and furniture. Rescuing her and her puppies was one of @sgtpeppersfriends first missions as a team. One morning I saw water flooding out of the office - I open the door and there Polly is, super excited, soaking wet, smiling, with the shower turned on and the entire room in shreds. The room...

Matcha Latte in General, Recipes

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Matcha is finely ground powder made out of a special kind of strong, green tea. It has a substantial amount of caffeine (almost the same a s a cup of brewed coffee), but has a compound called I-theanine that induces relaxation. You won't get the "coffee high" from a cup of Matcha, nor the headaches sometimes associated with coffee. I very rarely drink coffee these days and have become completely addicted to my Matcha Lattes in the mornings! It's delicious and it wakes me up without the hyper intense energy I get from drinking coffee. Making a Matcha...

On the road in General, Love


Life on the road is hard. Maybe it's just part of growing older but I love being home. In one place. I miss our bed, our house, our puppies. But I live a whirlwind of a life that takes me to all corners of the world 40 weeks out of the year and it's beautiful and hard, so I've learned to go with the flow. Rituals are important. I travel with crystals and gems and my cards and palo santo... Always palo. And yes, my feet are funny looking. No need to comment on them....

Breath of Fresh Air in General

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I am such a dork when it comes to gadgets. New technology makes me giddy with excitement and I just got to open the biggest package ever!! I've been wanting to get a proper air purifier for the house for the longest time and we finally got one. With the amount of dogs we have in the house, dust from the desert blowing through the house and A/C running a lot I have been feeling a little sniffly lately. For some reason, every time we come home from a trip I start sneezing! I have struggled...

For The Love of Animals in General, Love


Dear friends, Last weekend a disastrous situation took place where 14 animals were transported from Aruba to Canada to be denied at the border. The animals were crammed into crates together, trampling each other, sick (with anemia, coccideosis, worms, ehrlichia, ringworm and mange to name a few), and ridden with fleas and ticks. The “organization” transporting them is called Save a Puppy (if you have been following the recent developments you may have heard of them). They were denied at the border as they didn’t have proper paperwork and because the animals were in such...