#bonaireyoga16 in General

What a wonderful week we’ve had! I love leading retreats – it’s my absolute favourite yoga-teaching format. Big classes are amazing because the energy is so powerful, and I love the day-to-day community vibe of teaching regularly in a studio, but there is something very special about taking a whole group to an intimate location for yoga and meditation twice a day. There is no rush to get to know one another, no urgency to hurry up the experience. We have so much time to spend together that everybody immediately relaxes and sets their own pace for the retreat. Every person can choose what kind of experience they want – do I want to spend every waking moment with the group, or do I want to break off and explore on my own as well? Most of the time the group ends up sticking together but having space to be alone when needed is so important. We practiced yoga twice a day, in the early morning and in the afternoon, and classes are everything from 75 minutes to 3 hours long depending on what we are doing. This retreat was very special; less focused on asana and more focused on inner work and healing. We did sharings and journaling every evening and went deeper into things that may have been holding us back, opening up honestly with people that started off as strangers but by the end of the week felt like family. I am so proud of every single person in this retreat! Thank you all. For everything. oneOeight is hosting a retreat here in November if you’re longing for an amazing vacation! Click here for more information. Here are some of my favourite shots of the week (picked from out #bonaireyoga16 hashtag on Instagram!).


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