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Under the Full Moon, Waiting for Lea Luna in Pregnancy


One week ago around this exact time, this moment happened. I was in heavy labour and had been going since 4 in the morning with things progressing slowly. It was overwhelmingly painful and I was getting absolutely exhausted. My contractions were long, close together and almost unbearable and it took all of my might to stay with my breath and my body. Dennis brought me outside to the garden and held me in the moonlight as I rode wave after wave, each contraction bringing us closer to our little girl. I didn't know how much...

Welcome to the World, Lea Luna! in Love, Pregnancy


Thank you for finally coming out of me angel! From a tiny poppyseed to a 4,170 gram (8.5 lbs) 51 centimeter (20 inches) baby girl! Born March 13 at 4:16 am after 24-hours of intense labor. Life will never be the same. I love her so much it terrifies me. Every piece of her is so perfect I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! I got to pull her out myself with the final two pushes and Dennis cut the cord like a champ. She came out with her eyes wide...

40 Weeks Today! in Love, Pregnancy


HAPPY DUE DATE!!!!! 40 weeks today!🎈 Feeling super happy and slightly nervous. I know only 4 or 5% of babies are actually born on their due dates but if Poppy wants to rebel against her parents she'll be super punctual and arrive right on time (we're always late). Send us lots of good birthing vibes today!   xo,

Mindfully Powerful in Pregnancy


Are you a pregnant yogi who loves power vinyasa and is craving a good sweat? Look no further, my new dynamic class "Mindfully Powerful" on oneOeight is perfect for you! Before the physical practice begins, this class offers a discussion on how to modify your powerful practice during pregnancy so that you’re still feeling strong while also caring for your body and your baby. We’ll talk about poses or movements to avoid, why you should avoid them, and substitute postures you can do in their place to ensure a safe practice. Once we start to...

Finding Balance in General, Pregnancy


Expecting mamas! Ground yourself in the present moment, root down into the earth, and find stability from within! Practice "Finding Balance" with me on oneOeight! Starting in a tall seat, we’ll check in and begin to transition into a place of inner-balance. We’ll connect to our breathing, creating a beautiful dance of the breath between inviting in on the inhales and letting go on the exhales. Through grounding stretches we’ll gently move from our center, challenging our stability early on in the practice before moving into an invigorating balancing sequence. This class will help you...

oneOeight Prenatal Series: Move with Ease in Pregnancy


To all my expecting mamas out there, this one is for you! Create space in your body for you and your baby and get grounded in present moment! Practice "Move with Ease" with me on oneOeight and gently open up tight spaces - especially the hips, hamstrings, and inner thighs. The short 20-minute class provides many opportunities to release and let go, incorporating lots of gentle folding postures, variations of squat, and a yummy Frog pose. Class ends with a seated meditation, inviting you to carry the balance and ease from your practice into your day....

Calming Flow in Pregnancy


Pregnant or not, we could all use a little bit more peace in our lives this week. Join me in a restorative new class on oneOeight, "Calming Flow"! Together, let's wind down, ground our energy, and calm the body and mind! This prop-filled prenatal class will utilize a pillow, bolster, blanket, and three blocks to ensure you feel extra supported in your practice. To begin, we’ll take time to consciously bring our awareness to the breath, create space in our day, and energetically arrive at our practice. We’ll start with slow side-body stretches before moving into...

oneOeight Prenatal Class: Meditation to Embrace Change in Pregnancy


Hello beautiful ones! As part of my Prenatal Yoga series on oneOeight, I created a meditation to help other pregnant women celebrate the joy of pregnancy and embrace change during this exciting but often challenging transition time from maidenhood to motherhood!   This meditation will help to ground you in the present moment, moving awareness through your body and tuning inward. Shift energy away from your mind to listen and receive from your heart-space.   Reflect on the inner transition of stepping into motherhood, and what that means for you. Explore any resistance, fears, or...

oneOeight Prenatal Class: Wake Up and Go! in Pregnancy


Friends and expecting mamas! I wanted to share another class with you from my Prenatal Yoga Series on "Wake Up and Go" is my favorite class for days my energy could use a good boost! This class is perfect for any trimester, but especially in the beginning stages of pregnancy. Get ready to replace your tired sluggish energy with revitalized vigor!   This short 20-minute flow will start on the back, taking time to get present and observe the energy of the current moment. Before diving into the practice, we’ll start with gentle hamstring...

oneOeight Prenatal Class: Deep & Slow Hip Openers in Pregnancy


Have you checked out my Prenatal Yoga series on oneOeight yet? If you are expecting, this Deep & Slow Hip Opening class feels *especially* good! This yummy 45-minute practice moves gently and focuses on opening the hips, glutes, and groin. It will offer you a sense of full body release both physically and energetically, leaving you feeling light, connected, and renewed! This class can, of course, be practiced and blissfully enjoyed even if you are not pregnant! :)   Starting in a tall seated posture, we’ll begin with a conscious awareness of the breath to presence...