Costa Rica: Pure Magic in Love, Retreats, Travel

Here is a little recap from our Costa Rica adventures… my home away from home!


Photo Mar 08, 4 26 35 PM       Photo Mar 09, 9 58 23 AM


I lead at least one retreat at Selva Armonia in Costa Rica every year, sometimes two. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. We practice yoga on our yoga deck in the jungle twice each day, swim in waterfalls, make bonfires on the beach, relax in the natural jacuzzi(!), eat all-organic food from the farm, and explore hidden beaches. It really is as magical as it sounds.




My good friend Josh is the owner of the property and when I was first there over eight years ago, we sat on top of the mountain looking out at the sunset. This was 2008,  there was nothing developed at Selva Armonia yet. I had just moved to Costa Rica and bought my first yoga mat. The sky turned a golden orange and he turned to me and said, “One day, I’m going to turn this place into a retreat center”.


I looked at him and felt the flutter of an idea, something I couldn’t quite pinpoint, emanating from the center of my heart. “You know what?” I said, “One day, I will be a yoga teacher.”


Photo Mar 05, 3 22 19 PM      Photo Mar 05, 8 41 23 AM


Dreams… they do come true. See you again soon, Costa Rica!