Envision Festival, I love you! in General, Travel

Envision Festival was a whirlwind of magical madness – as always. This year was by far the most organized and put together I’ve seen the festival. It was my fifth year going, so I’ve really been able to watch this gathering of artists, yogis, musicians and adventurers transform and transcend, getting better and better, year after year. This year, I left Dennis at home and brought Olivia for a girls trip. It was amazing!


We planned to take it easy on Thursday, but ended up staying up all night. I taught a big class in the main temple on Friday and we spent our days swimming in waterfalls, wandering around the village, shopping handmade crafts at the little vendor booths, eating all-organic raw/vegan food and immersing ourselves in the Envision experience.  And of course, we spent every night dancing, dancing, dancing until sunrise.

Photo Feb 26, 12 16 38 PM Photo Feb 26, 4 01 09 PM (1) Photo Feb 28, 6 52 21 PM
Photo Feb 27, 3 52 18 PM Photo Feb 25, 10 49 57 PM Olivia


My favorite acts of the weekend were Patterns (my soul brother Luigi’s band), Elephant Revival, El Rojo, Santos y Zurdo, Human Experience and of course… Random Rab’s sunrise set! That’s my favorite set every year. His music is beyond amazing and fits so perfectly with the sun rising from the jungle, thousands of people moving as one. I get chills every time I think of it.



 Envision Festival I love you! Can’t wait for next year – and we have something exciting to announce soon, too! Stay tuned 🙂