Happiness is a Choice in Love


Slowly learning how to separate myself from drama. Happiness is a choice, did you know? And with it comes the knowing that it’s fleeting. Impossible to grasp. Passing. Everything moves all the time! This moment is so fucking beautiful, so precious, but it’s not mine to keep. It’s precious for that very reason; I don’t know what will come next. I can’t predict life and have come to the conclusion that most of it is out of my control and none of my business anyway. All I know is that in this moment… I am happy. Spent the day with the man I love. Found a deserted beach. Swam in the ocean. Talked a lot. Now we are driving home, our feet covered in sand, his hand in mine. In this moment, everything is perfect. In a little bit it might be different, something may come up, the spell might be broken.

But why go there? We are here. Now. And I’m ready for more.