Healing Holiday Flow in General

As promised, I have more holiday cheer to share with you!

I’ve created a love-filled 30-minute class to invoke the spirit of Christmas while opening your mind, body, and heart. Join me over on oneOeight to return to your center, slow down, and settle into the joyful spirit of the season!

We’ll start on the floor in a nourishing posture to support the low back. Class begins with time to check in, observing sensations present within the body and noticing the feelings or emotions that brought you to your mat today. Embracing whatever it is that shows up in the body or mind, we’ll begin to move and flow from a place of acceptance and self-love. 

Together, we’ll flow through this gentle class with feel-good postures like Cat/Cow, Happy Baby, Reclined Pigeon, and Supine Twists. In Savasana, we journey back towards the heart and the present moment to relish in healing and renewal.

I’m so excited to share this practice with you during my favorite time of the year! Step on your mat with me today. Practice “Healing Holiday Flow” right here!

Sending you love this holiday – and always.