From The Heart Podcast: Episode 42 – From Resentment to Kindness (with a Fever of 103) in Love, Motherhood, Podcast

We are feeling so much better! Still sick but at least we got some sleep last night! And today is podcast day! In this weeks episode of the podcast I cry – a lot. Have I ever recorded a podcast while sleep deprived and not cried? Nope. I’m used to bawling in front of half a million people weekly now. Anywho. In today’s episode I talk about anger. And how, if left unchecked, it can easily turn into resentment… Which separates us from our ability to bring loving kindness into the situation and in the end, causes us more harm than anything else. Have you heard that saying; holding onto resentment is like holding onto a piece of hot coal and expecting the other person to burn? Well it’s true! One of my intentions for this year is to work through resentment and get better at dealing with anger (I can hold a grudge foreverrrrrr). And I got the perfect chance to practice it this week! Tune in for some candid storytelling and pretty good advice. Listen in here or search From The Heart or Yoga Girl on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts!). Enjoy!