In These Retreats, We Go Where Love Is in General, Love, Retreats, Yoga


People sometimes ask what we do during these retreats… I can’t fully explain it. Yes we do yoga and eat well and we hike and sail and play but in the Luna shala, magic happens. Real magic. We move and sweat like fucking crazy and it opens us so we can explore places within that we haven’t looked at in a long, long time. We go where love is. And where there is fear, we inquire. We scratch at wounds that haven’t fully healed to see what’s underneath. We share. We journal. We dive in. And we cry. A lot. But we laugh more.

We build community. We make new friends. Good friends. But not the kind you casually talk about the weather with over coffee. No. We make friends and it’s the kind you pour your soul out to in a dark room. The kind that gets that your pain is their pain, too. The kind that holds space and then your hand so you go a little bit deeper even when it scares you. So you can let go.

I love this. I’m tired as hell but in the best of ways. Preparing for our 9th practice together coming up this evening.

Everything is beautiful. I’m so in love. With you. #community #islandyoga17 #beauty #happiness #yogaeverydamnday #nothingbutloveretreat