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Island Yoga❤

This place has my whole heart. Scroll down for a tour of the whole studio! Creating Island Yoga in Aruba was a dream of mine for so many years and a part of me still can’t believe it’s true! As with everything, it’s a work in process and i feel like for every week that passes we add another sprinkle of magic into the space.

We have officially been open for just over eight months and are getting ready to host our first Island Yoga Teacher Training in just a few weeks! Now that we’re settled in, I want to take a moment to thank our designer Kelly Robinson (she was also the doula that helped bring Lea Luna to the world!). From start to finish, we could have never completed the studio without her.

Kelly understands space and appreciates its potential. She lives the message that any space can be a conduit for the greater good, and she is on a mission to help companies be the change we want to see in the world. Our connection to Mother Earth is everything to Kelly; from the gorgeous organic bamboo floors in our Shalas to our live cactus fence, she has created a Feng Shui space for all who enter to instantly feel more united with ourselves, our community, and the beautiful world that supports us. If you’re looking for an amazing designer who is dedicated to creating sacred spaces and doing good things for the world… Hit her up! Or, you know, if you want help pushing a 10-pound baby out of your own sacred space 😋 Love you Kel. Thank you for all that you do. x

PS – our 2018 retreats are now LIVE!!! They sell out quick – book your spot at or email if you want to come practice with me in paradise next year!