Let it Flow in General

Tis’ the Season for super fun holiday themed oneOeight videos! 😉

Every week I will be releasing a Christmas/Winter/Holiday class designed just for this time of year. First up, “Let it Flow” (hint: it’s a tough one!). Stay tuned for more throughout this wonderful winter season. I hope you find these as fun as I did while creating them!


In this class, we’ll begin in a tall seat to ground ourselves, and together with the physical body we’ll arrive to the here and now. As we start to incorporate the breath we find a steady cycle of inhales and exhales, inviting a sense of spaciousness into the entire body.

From this place we’ll set an intention, seal it into our heart-space, and begin to FLOW! We’ll move through a very dynamic sequence filled with lengthening, strengthening, and energizing postures designed to open your heart and make you sweat. Expect to move through some juicy postures like Wild Thing, Twisting Cresent Lunges, and Standing Splits. Class ends with a restorative Supta Baddha Konasana to return back to the present moment, before finding a peaceful and uplifting Savasana.

Step on your mat with me today! Practice this class (and more) here!