Little Moon in General, Love, Motherhood

This girl. Little Moon.

She walks up to strangers at restaurants and shows them all her teeth (she has 12 now). Every morning she wakes up smiling, asking for both Mamma and Pappa. She likes to take her time to wake up and will stay in her crib for as long as she can, arms behind her head, talking to her toys. When either of us go to the bathroom she stands outside, knocking on the door, wondering how long we’ll be (Pappa always takes too long). She holds my hand when she walks down steps, not because she needs to but because she knows it calms me (with daddy she jumps down all on her own). Every morning I give her a bowl of berries and she stands perfectly still, enjoying them one at a time, smacking her lips with contentment.

She is so gentle. I wear big earrings every day and she’s not once pulled at them too hard. Every time she hears a loud noise she says “bang” and laughs. She brushes her hair with my hair brush and puts my mala beads around her neck. She loves to read, and run barefoot, and listen to music. She hates airplanes and hats and avocado (but loves guacamole). The only time she gets consistently frustrated in a day is when its time to brush our teeth – she wants to do it on her own. She wants to swim in every fountain we walk by and jump in puddles and take baths every day. She loves the water. She is so determined. She wants to put on her own shoes but always lets me help her. She talks to strangers but hides behind my legs if they are too eager to say hi back.

She still gives kisses with her mouth wide open.

And she knows so many words now. Yesterday she pointed at a flower and said “flower” – I don’t even know when she learned that. She is growing so fast! Every day is a marvel and a challenge and an absolute miracle. .

Wherever she goes, I’ll follow. With this little hand in mine… All of life makes perfect sense.

Forever grateful for you, Little Moon.