My Morning Routine in General, Love

My morning routine differs a little bit every day depending on where I am in the world, how the baby has slept and how I’m feeling that day. Normally I pick up Lea Luna first thing and then we have tea and eat breakfast together but if I’m up a little earlier I roll my yoga mat out first thing. One thing that doesn’t change even when I travel is taking my temperature with Natural Cycles first thing in the morning. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this and wanted to share a little bit more about how it works!

To use Natural Cycles as contraceptive you need to be disciplined and work it into your morning routine. I live a structured lifestyle so for me, this contraceptive is such a great fit. It’s important to measure right away, before you get up and start moving! Put the thermometer under your tongue and press the button. After 30 seconds a sound goes off which means you can read your temperature and input it in the NC app. The app will then let you know whether you’re having a red (use protection) or green (not fertile) day. You can also note if you’re on your period, spotting or have taken an LH test. It sounds simple but requires both discipline and routine! Having a baby can make this a little bit trickier too – if your baby is up several times per night, the best thing to do is measure your temperature immediately following the longest stretch of sleep you get, regardless of the time of night or morning. If you’re had a particularly rough night with very little sleep you can mark the temperature as deviating to avoid adding an incorrect measurement. You should measure at least five times a week and on red days you need to use additional contraceptives like condoms. Best is to discuss it with your partner so you can share the responsibility! 

You need to be over 18 to use Natural Cycles and it does not protect against STD’s. Like all contraception, NC is not 100% effective but lies at the 93 percentile, slightly less effective than an IUD, more effective than a condom and comparable to the pill. Want to find out if Natural Cycles is for you? Then click here!

This post is in collaboration with Natural Cycles.