New Prenatal Classes on oneOeight in Pregnancy

I am so excited to have released a new prenatal series on oneOeight! Have you checked it out?


This class below, “Calming Flow” will help you wind down, ground your energy, and calm your body and mind! It’s a great class for those who are pregnant, but also suitable for those just looking for a slow moving, grounded practice.

This prop-filled class will utilize a pillow, bolster, blanket, and three blocks to ensure you feel extra supported in your practice. To begin, we’ll take time to consciously bring our awareness to the breath, create space in our day, and energetically arrive at our practice. We’ll start with slow side-body stretches before moving into supported and restful forward fold variations. As we move through the practice, we’ll incorporate lots of feel-good postures like mindful chest opening stretches, neck, shoulder and hip openers, spinal twists and a sweet long-held Savasana. Enjoy full body bliss – and if you’re expecting – for your baby too! 

Preview the class below, and practice the full class with me here!