Now I Can Receive in General, Love, Travel

Returning to regular life is challenging. I’ve had many epiphanies and one of them is – I actually never give myself credit for the things I create. Ever!

I’m good at putting myself down. I often feel like I’m not enough. It’s in my backbone that I need to give and give and I feel my mind trying to bring me back to a place of undeserving. So. Here is a reality check of badassery. For me.

I have a platform for yoga and healing that is bursting at the seams with abundance. oneOeight is… Blooming! We had a hard winter with drama and betrayal but it made us stronger, wiser, better. If I could tell you what we have in the works (soon!)… Big magic. Stepping into the world of oneOeight is so special and I created it. This is true.

I have an animal rescue that is full to the brim with love. The Sgt. Pepper’s Team is made up of light workers that dedicate EVERYTHING to rescuing animals in need. The love present here is unfathomable. So powerful. Saving lives! And the support we receive from this global online community is massive. I sleep sounder each night knowing Sgt Pepper’s Friends exist. I made this happen. This is true.

I have a new home in the making. Island Yoga is setting roots in Aruba now with a huge space for yoga studio, café, boutique, production and offices. We signed the contract with our contractor today. Demolition starts Monday! This will be a vortex of energy, a home for my classes, trainings and retreats. A settling down. This is happening! It’s real.

And then there is 109 World finishing our second campaign in Latvia this past weekend: giving orphaned children, kids that never knew the meaning of second chances, a full 4-year education. All through the magic of community. Of social media. Of my wanting to DO GOOD! Here is the team practicing yoga with the children. Providing hope. Tears are rolling down my cheeks but I’m smiling.





Without me, none of this would exist. It’s funny that I have to keep telling myself I have value but that is just how it is.

I feel so much. Did you know we have to allow receiving to happen for love to enter us?

I never knew. Now I know. Now I can receive. Thank you, me.