oneOeight Prenatal Class: Wake Up and Go! in Pregnancy

Friends and expecting mamas! I wanted to share another class with you from my Prenatal Yoga Series on “Wake Up and Go” is my favorite class for days my energy could use a good boost! This class is perfect for any trimester, but especially in the beginning stages of pregnancy. Get ready to replace your tired sluggish energy with revitalized vigor!


This short 20-minute flow will start on the back, taking time to get present and observe the energy of the current moment.

Before diving into the practice, we’ll start with gentle hamstring stretches to begin awakening the body. We’ll acknowledge any places of tension or tightness so we can mindfully breathe deeper into those areas throughout the flow, creating more space and physical awareness. We’ll move through modified Sun Salutations, a lunge series, and a balancing sequence, before rounding out the practice with modified and gentle Camel poses to open the heart. To finish, we’ll close in a seated Savasana to honor the body and absorb and receive all of the new energy we created!

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I’m so excited to be able to share this Prenatal series and my pregnancy journey with you. It’s so special to be able to connect in this way – to one another and to our growing babies!

Sending you love, always.