5 Influencers Your Business Should be Following

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In a rapidly growing pool of influencers, business to business marketing is relying more on social media. But how do businesses choose who to work with? Here is Stencil’s list of top five social media influencers and a guide to understanding their tone and successful actions so you can decide if who you’re partnering up with meets the cut.

1. Yoga Girl @RachelBrathen


Better known as Yoga_Girl, Swedish native Rachel Brathen has slowly been taking the wellness world of Instagram by storm. Her lifelong yoga practice and teaching style skyrocketed into a known brand as a result of her Instagram success. Loyal followers know exactly what to expect: clean beautiful images of yogas poses on a beach. Yes, its that simple. By consistently displaying the same thing over and over again, something as complex as a an enduring balance between mind and body can be turned into an enticing and reliable social media brand. Follow Brathen for an example of good brand recognition through Instagram.