Expressen: Yoga Girl Has Received Her First Child

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Rachel “Yoga Girl” Bråthén, 28, has become a mother. Instagramstjärnan talks about the good news to her two million followers. Yoga Girl welcomed Little Lea Luna to the world:

“And 24 hours later … Welcome to the world Lea Luna”

1st pic Lea Luna Rachel

Yoga Girl: “It’s a yoga baby!”

Yoga Girl lives on Aruba in the Caribbean and it was also where she met her husband Dennis Schoneveld. In September, she published a post in which she told of the pregnancy.

“Yep – it’s a yoga baby! Coming in February 2017 …,” wrote Rachel Bråthén.

She has regularly told about her pregnancy – and continues to add yoga images with pregnant belly as inspiration for her followers.

Yoga Girl: “We cannot wait”

Rachel Bråthén went over time with her birth and during the past few days has written about waiting for the baby. She published yesterday a picture of herself with a pregnant belly with the Serenity Prayer.

Rb Lea Luna Waves

Yoga Girl wrote on Saturday a long post about her yearning directed at Lea Luna.

“There are sunsets to watch and puppies to play with and yummy food to eat and oceans – oceans – of love waiting for you. We can’t wait to hold you”

Writes about fears

Yoga Girl has also shared her feelings – and fears – for birth. She writes, among other things, fear of the baby would be sick, or if it would go bad at some point in the future.