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The Vinyasa Breakdown With Rachel Brathen

JUN 09, 2014, Posted by fp jana

During our first yoga class with Rachel Brathen in Costa Rica, she kept repeating a word that I at first didn’t understand.  For someone who had only taken a few yoga classes beforehand, I had no idea what “Vinyasa” meant, or what it was. Luckily, Rachel had prepared a special workshop for us that afternoon that would teach us everything we needed to know about practicing the Vinyasa.

What I love about yoga is that it teaches your body how to flow and how to balance. As you inhale and exhale, your movements start to be in unison with your breath. Learning the Vinyasa was challenging for me at first. You need a lot of upper body strength to flow into the series of poses, and it works arm muscles that I didn’t even know existed. One thing Rachel taught us is that yoga has a lot to do with muscle memory. The first time you twist or turn into a new pose, your body might not like it. As you move your body into those poses over time, the new muscles you are working will begin to remember the way they moved. Each time you try that new pose, it will become easier and easier for your body to master. After doing the Vinyasa a couple of times with Rachel’s guidance, my arms began to strengthen and eventually I could flow smoothly throughout the four poses: High Plank, Chaturanga, Upward Facing Dog, and Downward Facing Dog.

Check out the video below and watch Rachel Brathen talk us through the full breakdown of the Vinyasa!

1) High Plank

High Plank

2) Chaturanga


3) Upward Facing Dog

downward facing dog

4) Downward Facing Dog

downward facing dog

Thank you, Rachel!

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