Generation 21: You Must Learn to See Opportunities, Not Obstacles, Says Popular Yogini Rachel Brathen



Many of you may never about Rachel Brathen alias “yoga girl” heard, but this energetic Swede is definitely worth showing!

Rachel comes from Sweden, where at age eighteen she moved to Costa Rico, where she regularly practice yoga , and gradually got to her alone teaching . In 2010 he moved to the island of Aruba in the Caribbean, where he teaches classical yoga also besides the SUP yoga , which is yoga on a surfboard. Thanks to their positive energy will soon develop into a star of social networking. On Facebook this young yogini monitors over 110,000 fans and Instagramu even over half a million people! In addition to yoga in Aruba Rachel travels around the world and organizes regular yoga workshops and other events.In addition, it also has its own blog , which you can see here .

Rachel is my great role model since I myself started with yoga and I was looking for someinspiration . Her pictures and videos emit a wonderful friendly energy  and is simply impossible to imagine this young vegan-yoginis fall in love. So I was really excited when I could over skype chat with Rachel in person. This time, however, it was not a conversation about yoga. With Rachel we talked mainly about  modern society, lifestyle, and also on the prospects for the future .

Could you our readers first summarize your trip to one of the most popular yoginis in the world? What do you consider the most important event?

Course. Actually I do not even have any really significant milestones . It all came from such small things. First I started giving more videos and photos online , I began to lead their own blog, connecting with new people and then everything went very quickly. But with the teachings of yoga I started a long time ago. After I crossed instagram, fans began to rapidlygrow .

A lot of people nowadays are still afraid to change your life and prefer to stay at their “comfort zone”. I would therefore like to ask you how you actually came up with the idea to move so far away from their friends and family, and how did you overcome the fear of the unknown?

I was very young when I left home. But then I longed for  adventure , I was looking forward to it , “unknown” , because I lived in Sweden all my life and it was still the same . Anyway, I initially feared. I had a friend in Sweden, which I actually left and cried my whole way on the plane. The first few days were difficult , but I decided that I wanted something like that, and that’s got to be loaded with 100%. I think that if you focus only on fear and what holds you back, then it is very difficult to enjoy the good things . So once all the negative emotions you leave behind and let the ” drift “is much easier. You must learn to see opportunities, not obstacles.


Rachel is very friendly and nice. Source: Alea Warner

Promote healthy lifestyles and relaxation, but nowadays, especially in big cities, people are constantly in a hurry and it is often very stressful life. What do you think and what would you recommend to such people? How to find the right harmony and learn how to relax?

Personally, I focused on yoga (smile). It’s something you can do at any time – when you wake up in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep. It’s one of those things whoseeffects you see immediately, especially if you are stressed and anxious, so you need something that you just calm down. A yoga now feel more relaxed and  better . Another thing I would recommend is to focus as much on things that make you cheer, where you feel happy.Work is important, but it is also important to focus just on those little things, whatever it is.

Also a lot of traveling so you can see how people live in different parts of the world. As you look at today’s modern society massive production and consumption?

Hmm, well the world is in any case a lot of changes . It is very difficult to resist the temptation, as it looks just like this world, but I think the more we go for mass consumption and modern things, the more we also gather quite simple , ordinary things. Therefore, many people nowadays are resorting to such as  meditation or try to eat as naturally as possible .People are simply flooding. It’s like an epidemic of stress. But I think that everyone does not have to live like this. People have the right to choose how and where they live. You can choose to live a peaceful life, but of course you need to make a decision.

And it was as heavy opt for a vegan?

No, not at all. It’s hard to keep in Aruba, because here we do not have any vegan restaurants or specialized shops, but shortly after I switched to veganism, I started to feel better and really good for me, so for me it was no big challenge.

You can choose to live a peaceful life, but of course you need to make a decision.

Your photos and videos always look so positively and calmly. Certainly but sometimes you feel angry or sad. So how do these negative emotions, cope, or how do you stay in the continuous positive mood?

Not so positive all the time, I think that no one is ever happy. The most important thing is to be sad when you feel that way, or be angry, that’s perfectly fine. Not to try to push thosenegative emotions and pretend that you are happy when it is not. It’s healthy to let things be, be the one who you are and vent your feelings.

So I suppose you the negative emotions best yoga helps (laughs).

(Laughter) Yes, yoga always works. But not when one feels miserable, so too is perfectly okay to be home all day on the couch and eating chocolate.

You are also very photogenic and pretty. The photos and videos always glow and I think our readers would certainly wonder how to take care of themselves. Do you have any tips?

Well, I think the most important beauty is to breathe deeply (smile). If you can breathe deeply and filter out the stress, so you will be more balanced. A balanced people are calmer and happier . I think people are happy at the same time also attractive. Of course, in terms of lifestyle and drink plenty of water, eat a diet as natural as possible.


Rachel has favored elements of yoga, focusing on power in the hands of a balance. Source: Alea Warner

And you are also using a special cosmetics?

Yes, I use argan oil hair and rose water on the skin, but that’s about it. I really do not use any special beauty products.

And there’s something on your body or even what your nature is concerned, what would you be unhappy or what you would change?

No. I think that one should accept my body for what it is. Of course things change, sometimes you may gain a few pounds, sometimes I lose. Nor is it so important to change your body, such as change the perception of your body. In short, take it as you are.

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What is your relationship to fashion?

Fashion (laughs) .. . I’m a fashion do not know anything (laughs). I like I wear nice clothes, but we live here in Aruba, where normally I do not wear no shoes. We go to the beach every day, so do not buy too many clothes.

You buy some more swimwear that?

Yes, swimwear definitely I buy most often.

It’s very interesting, I can not imagine living like this constantly on the beach. I do not ever oversaturated? Sometimes you miss the rush?

No, not at all. My is so much traveling that I have enough action. When I’m at home, so it is almost like being on vacation , so I’m very glad to be home and I enjoy it. Next year we have scheduled 35 weeks of travel, so it is really a lot and it is nice to be then relax at home.


The yoga class will not only release, but you can also enjoy a lot of fun.Source: Alea Warner

I would like to ask you one last question. At the moment you are doing what you love, you live in an amazing island, you have thousands of fans and you too engaged. What are your other goals for the future? If applicable, what are your plans for this year?

Yes! I would like more help for young women and girls. already have some projects we implement various convalesce and yoga holidays and so on, but most of these events is veryexpensive because you have to buy tickets and accommodation in a hotel somewhere and it just costs a lot money. But every day I get a lot of emails from young women around the world, asking for  help and advice . A lot of them have problems with the perception of their body, some suffer from eating disorders or are simply unfortunate. I would like these people more focused and found a way that does not cost money. So now we are trying to create some projects that would help to these people. So far, at least I try to write more on the blog, answer as many questions and emails and talk more with people.

Source perexové Photo: Alea Warner

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