Instagram: The new place to find your yoga inspiration

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With more than 150 million active users, Instagram is an amazing place to connect with friends and family. You can find pictures of all types of things on Instagram, from cars to vacation photos to Jen Selter’s butt :). But recently, we’ve noticed that Instagram has become an amazing place for something else—Yoga Inspiration.

That’s right, Yoga! And who knew. Instagram has breed an amazing scene for Yogis and no longer is Yoga taking a backseat to normal workouts, spin classes or running. Today, Yoga is the “It” thing an   d there are many awesome people who are shinning on Instagram. In this article, we’re profiling five of our favorites so you can get your Yoga fix.

Here are your top five yoga inspirations on Instagram:


Have you ever seen a beautiful lady doing yoga on a surf board? This is Rachael. She loves doing forearm balance on a surf board. Besides amazing inversion powers of Stand up Paddle board yoga, Rachael has a natural ability to touch the hearts of young demographic of yogis.

If you’re connecting with her on Instagram, you’ll definitely say, Truly Inspirational. You can learn SUP Yoga (Stand up Paddle Board Yoga) in all of her retreats and also at her festivals and events in different parts of the world.

Rachael always loves to increase her fan following so she can inspire and teach the art of yoga to maximum. If you also love doing yoga on water besides land, join her @yoga_girl.

Surprisingly, Rachael is one of the first ever yoga instructor who has taken the art of yoga from a mat to paddle board. In quick time, this Swedish girl has become so popular that now she is able to receive 10K likes on her every new post. She is also a featured columnist of an Elephant Journal. Joining the yoga girl on Instagram is joining the community of over half million yoga lovers.

If the beaches and crystal clear water of Aruba aren’t enough, then her beautiful body posing traditional yoga moves will definitely blow you away. All her photos are positive, sunny and will definitely bring smile on your face.

Laura Sykoralaurasykora#

It’s not pressurizing but challenging our bodies, says@laurasykora. She also says that you don’t have to be the best to start yoga, but you have to start to be the best. Just little away from completing one million fans, this New Jersey girl loves to show off her assets with stunningly amazing poses. And, when she posts those poses on Instagram, she easily gets an average of 20K likes per post.

With her yoga love, she has really made herself a name on Instagram. Her account gets right down to the business and this is probably the one major reason of her huge fan following. With Laura, you won’t find anything else than crazy and shockingly beautiful poses.

When asked about she feels about inspiring so many with her posts Laura responded, “It’s crazy to think about. I started my Instagram just as a way to track my progress. I never would’ve imagined the positive response I’ve received.” “The shear number [of people] that see my posts daily is pretty incredible. They share my pics and word just spreads,” she continued.

She is an istagrammer who will push you to work harder. You must join her if you’re looking to get that extra push in your yoga class.

Gypset Goddess

Better known by Gypset Goddess, yogi Caitlin Turner is a free spirit constantly jet setting round the globe while sharing her love for yoga and those who loves doing it. She is called Gypset Goddess because she loves gypsetting (gypsy + gypsetgoddessjetset) round the world teaching yoga, making mischief, snapping photos of her yoga poses and more.

Caitlin says, “I am most inspired by people who work hard, rise above their own fears and adversities, and sometimes throw convention to the wind in order to follow their dreams and create a life that they love.”

And you can see this in the images on her profile. Her page is full of photos and poses are gorgeous and inspiring. She practices yoga on elephants too.

She calls herself part-time writer and fashionista too. Her fashion sense is quite possibly part of the reason for her huge fan following. She often wears wild yoga pants.

“Yoga changed my life by giving me a deeper understanding of who I am and what I want out of my life, and by improving my confidence in myself, so that I have the strength and perseverance to chase my dreams and catch them,” said Caitlin.

Inspiring 122k followers, Caitlin has a lot of passion for yoga and travel. With her beautiful pics and videos, she reminds you that you must follow your heart’s passion.


Well, Wanderlust Festival isn’t a person but it’s definitely an Instagram account that you can’t think about unfollowing. The crew at Wanderlust shares motivational quotes and highly gorgeous photos of some of the most lovable yoga instructors round the world.

If you’re going to follow this one Instagram account (@wanderlustfest) after reading this, you will definitely thank us later. Bringing together world’s leading yoga teachers, experts and musical performers in breathtaking beauty in different parts of the world, Wanderlust can be inspiring for anyone who wants to connect with yoga on deeper levels.

They really offer the opportunities to unplug you from ordinary and discover the extraordinary. The experience of joining Wanderlust is both surprising and delighting.

Yoga with RockyYoga with Rocky

Rocky Heron gets excited when his Instagram friends come to take his Instagram class and they often do. Transforming your life can be done by transforming your Yoga practice and he shows you how. Yoga with him is an opportunity to celebrate life. A yoga session with Rocky is all about exploring body and mind’s inherent design and wisdom.

Rocky credits Instagram with helping him interact with people in a new way. “Instagram has given me the opportunity to share what I love in a fun and interactive way with people throughout the world from wherever I am,” said Rocky.  “Almost every image, quote or message that I share on Instagram represents an ability or understanding that I have worked steadily to acquire, so whether I’m sharing this message directly or indirectly, I hope people can recognize that that’s what these photos are seeking to convey.”

His experience and constant upliftment on Instagram will provide you the keys required to unlock your greatest potential both On and Off the mat. He says, “practicing yoga has helped me cultivate greater discipline and skillfulness in all that I do. It has also helped to strengthen my own relationship with myself into one that is more loving, patient, kind and playful.”

Rocky Heron is proof that men do yoga and those who do can be buff. He always hits the yoga girls with his beautiful arm balances and inspiring yoga shoots in beautiful places.