Work It Out! Fitness and Health Bloggers You Need To Know Now

photo: dennis schoneveld

From Teen Vogue:

Work It Out! 8 Fitness and Health Bloggers You Need to Know Now

Coming to you from sunny Aruba, Rachel blogs about her experience as a yoga instructor in paradise. (Pause for complete and total envy.) She’s passionate about introducing others to the joys of yoga and presenting those who already practice with new challenges. (Example: Her very own SUP Yoga, or Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga, which is done entirely on a surfboard.)

Rachel knows the importance of adapting to your environment and mixing things up. “You can practice yoga anywhere; all you need is your mat. Go to the park, beach, or your back porch. Stretch, jump, flow, sweat—do whatever you body feels like doing at the moment. Just keep the breath flowing and enjoy the beauty of being outside!”

But what does a pro bring with her on these various outdoor adventures? “I love JASON Organics Natural Deodorant, and a good rosewater spray for a hydrating post-workout mist. I also love argan oil for dry summer hair. Finally, if I’m practicing or running outside, organic sunscreen is a must!”

Thanks to social media—perhaps mostly Instagram—there’s a lot of exercise hype circulating throughout the interweb. And while we’re happy health and fitness is getting the buzz it deserves, it can be hard for a beginner to discern good, proper advice from the, how shall we say, sketchier stuff.

Enter these eight wonderful young ladies, whose blogging, ‘gramming, and Tweeting abilities have earned them a spot in our bookmarks bar. They mean business when it comes to keeping you posted on their favorite workouts, best recipes, and body-positive fitness advice. From cardio to strength training and everything in between, each blog is a wealth of information when it comes to wellness. We asked these girls a few questions about how they like to work it out and what they’re carrying in their gym bags this summer. Read on to get inspired!