Yogis on Instagram



Yogis on Instagram

Instagram has become my favorite social network , I started to use it recently, less than a year, but has me totally hooked. It is a social network that lets you ” fly “and experience different ways of life and everything within your mobile. keep people of all kinds, but today I will talk about three yogis . I do not remember very well how I got their profiles Instagram , but some of them hooked me and today I’ll tell you what makes them different.

My top 3. Yogis on Instagram

1. Yoga_girl . Bråthen Rachel was born in Sweden and moved to Costa Rica when he finished his studies. Since 2010 lives inAruba , but not for this girl, teaches around the world. It is famous for being the first person to translate the yoga  mat to the paddle board surfing .

Your photos transport you to an eternal summer, always in bikini on the beach. Accompanies the photos with inspiring texts conveying a positive philosophy of life, engaging. I’m still saving to go to any of the withdrawals you have scheduled.Yoga girl, Rachel Bråthen, Instagram.  It is famous for being the first person to translate the yoga mat to paddle surf board
Two. Laurasykora .  lives with his family in New Jersey, yoga teacher and mother of two. His family also participates in the photos, the main protagonist, her little daughter.  Laura is already a “star” of Instagram , thus qualifying some means . He has taken advantage of the coverage and mounted with a friend a web  ” two moms fit “ translation:  two mothers in the form in which I talk about healthy living .
Laurasykora is already a star thanks to Instagram yoga.
Three. Patrick Beach , U.S. Seattle, travels the world teaching. With a touch hipster reminder that yoga is not just a girl thing.His greatest skill, incredible balance in inverted poses, has a course online  for only $ 14.99 in 7 Steps teaches you how to get keep on hand. Team up with your partner, Carling Harps , know them in their  web .
Patrick beach, instagram, yoga.  His greatest skill, balance.  Handstands
I encourage you to curioseéis in their profiles Instagram and then I may tell you you have like!

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