Rise Early in General

I wake up before sunrise every day. Not to work out, or sweat, or get “more things done” (although sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking that would be more effective). I get up before sunrise so that I can sit in silence. It’s pitch black outside when I get out of bed. It’s hard. When it first goes off I curse that damn alarm clock and every morning I negotiate with myself. “5 more minutes / this is ridiculous / you need the extra sleep / just go back to bed”… But then I make myself open my eyes and throw off the covers and stand up and from there, it’s easy. I make a cup of tea. Cuddle the one dog who enjoys early mornings (Laika). Roll out my yoga mat on the back porch. And then… I sit. And I breathe. Sometimes I stretch. Sometimes I move. Sometimes I flow through a whole big practice. But most of the time I just watch the world wake up around me. There is a moment before the first rays of the sun filter through the cactus when the sky looks something like this – colorful in a way that takes your breath away. Brushstrokes of orange and pink and purple on a dark blue canvas. So much color. The sliver of the moon still lingers above me. The whole thing lasts just a moment; if I look away I miss it. It’s magical. And then it’s gone and the world gets bright and the sun comes up and I am reminded that this sky happens every morning and if I’m not awake, I miss it.

Before I roll my mat up and the baby wakes and regular life resumes, I speak my gratitude out loud.
That 5am alarm clock is at the top of my list, every single day.
Rise, babies. Rise early. It’s worth it.