Speak Your Dreams in General, Love, Travel

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Swedish summer. It’s so beautiful. I’d love to start spending more time here, maybe 3-4 months out of the year… We’d need to get an apartment bigger than 32 square meters😬 And it would be a dream to have a little summer house on a lake or by the ocean somewhere… Dreams, dreams. All is possible.

I remember back when I used to dream about traveling the world. Then becoming a yoga teacher. Then taking my teachings global. Then buying a house. Then writing and publishing a book. Then starting up an online platform for yoga and meditation. Then launching a global mission foundation to help people in need. Then founding an animal rescue. Then opening my own yoga studio. Then opening a boutique. Then opening a restaurant. Then writing a second book. Then leading my own teacher trainings. Then buying an apartment in Sweden… I’ve checked off every dream I’ve ever come across so far. Proving: ALL IS POSSIBLE! And there is no limit to what you can create when your intentions are pure and you do the work.

Future dreams: take @island.yoga global and open several yoga studios in different parts of the world. Open a retreat center somewhere magical. Buy a little lot with a view in Costa Rica. Launch a badass music, art and yoga festival (to break the norm!). Create a line of clothing… And jewelry. Start a magazine for women focused on self-love. Make @oneOeight.tv the largest online yoga platform in the world. And of course… Save the world with @109world and @sgtpeppersfriends 💪🏼🌍😍

What are you dreaming of? What’s on your vision board (if only in your mind)? Speak your dreams OUT LOUD! It’s the first step to making real magic happen🙏🏼🌙