Surrender to Trust in General

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My biggest fear, aside from something happening to Poppy (always in the back of my mind), is that I won’t be able to be a good mom.

I’m terrified of putting any weight on her shoulders, of unconsciously passing on my pain to her. A part of me knows that this timing is divine and that everything I’ve ever been through has brought me here and that I’m ready. Ready to shower her with unconditional love without anything old clouding our bond. I’m ready for this love. I’m ready to be a mom.

A part of me knows this. Another part is scared shitless of doing everything wrong, of making all the mistakes, of being unprepared for the force of power that she already is.

She’s a warrior, this one. I can feel it. She is going to change all of our lives. She already has. So. I release my fears into the fire and surrender to trust. I trust that I’m here because I’m meant to. It’s all meant to be.

Her. I. Us.

I can already feel the ground moving.