Some Things Just Do Stay The Same in General, Love, Motherhood, Yoga

Facebook gave me a memory from 5 years ago today. It’s me in our old house on the little yoga deck Dennis built me in the garden underneath our mango tree. I’m in an advanced yoga pose and I make it look so easy. Looking at the memory I scoff – “those were the days! Look at what my body could do!”. I was practicing hours of yoga every day and taught 23 classes a week at the time. My entire life was yoga. I had just started this Instagram account and every day after my practice I’d lean my phone up against a rock, put it on self timer and take photos of myself in poses. I would post something new every day and from my little yoga deck in my backyard, I watched this community grow.

Today, writing this, my life looks vastly different. I’m older. I spent the bigger part of three straight years traveling the world teaching yoga. Eventually, my body couldn’t take it. I grew tired of living on the road. Decided to set roots. Got pregnant. Opened a yoga studio. Birthed a baby. My yoga practice is… Not what it was. Today, it was four poses on my mat in the living room while wriggling an 11-month old who thinks it’s hilarious to run at me as fast as she can with complete disregard for any obstacles in her way (ie dogs and furniture). My yoga deck has grown but I have never, not once had a real practice on it (11-month olds and pools don’t quite go hand in hand). I still practice every day but I don’t practice the poses I once used to – there are no funky pincha mayurasanas in sight. I do yoga to stay sane and free from pain. It’s as simple as that. And I take very few photos of my practice because I don’t have the time anymore, and I find that the most inspirational things I can share have more to do with heart and soul than poses and body. So today when I told Dennis to take a photo of me attempting this pose… I meant it as a joke! Like “look what this crap looks like now”. BUT, WHAT DO YOU KNOW PEOPLE! This momma’s still got it! It wasn’t even hard. Makes me wonder if I just naturally am able to do stuff like this or if some poses show up one day and are there to stay. Maybe… Some things just do stay the same.