This is my life. in General

Sometimes, without asking for it, our days can become filled with unnecessary drama. I’m choosing to focus on happier things – like this photo of Ringo the Gringo when he was a puppy. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING CUTER?!? Look at him! Get distracted by him! Maybe smile a little bit! I know. Dogs are the best remedy.




It should be noted that although my Instagram account is the largest yoga-related account in the world, it’s not the yellow pages or some strict public platform for all things yoga. It’s my life! It’s personal! This is my life and it includes (but is not limited to) yoga, dogs, travel, beaches, politics, animal rescue, tequila, fashion, baby goats, death, green juice, entrepreneurship, chocolate, sunsets, wine, mountain biking, rants, selfies, sarcasm, butts, surfing, cursing, philanthropy, handstands, drunken nights, tattoos, tears, bonfires, nakedness, raw happiness, inappropriate laughter, overwhelming pain, paralyzing fear, never-ending hope, deep trust and above all; love. I AM A HUMAN BEING AND THIS IS MY LIFE.

I teach yoga and I rescue animals and I like oatmeal for breakfast and I think Donald Trump is an idiot and I say fuck in almost every sentence and I love to write and my best friend died in a car crash and I’m married to the most beautiful man and I drink a lot of wine and I don’t like to travel anymore and my mom is suicidal sometimes and I like being upside down and I probably have a sugar addiction and I have four sisters and two brothers and one isn’t even a year old and when I’m sad I binge watch Friends and eat chocolate covered raisins and I like sleeping in but I hate napping and I haven’t lived in my home country for a decade and I run four companies and I am scared of being left out and I’m loud and quiet at the same time and sometimes I have no idea what the hell I’m doing but most of the time I’m happy because life gives me so many blessings I forget how to count them.


This is who I am and everything I share belongs here.