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We couldn’t have had a better ending to the 109 World #109Water Nicaragua trip!

Fire ceremonies, yoga, meditation… They have all been beautiful silver linings to our main purpose here in Nicaragua: digging trenches and shoveling dirt.


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My entire body is buzzing with gratitude. WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE HERE PEOPLE! For real! Not just talking about it or dreaming about it or thinking about it but actually going out to the far corners of this planet and doing what we can to help people in need. We have the power to do this! You and I! All of us. Together we can.



At the end of May, 109 World is headed to Latvia with oneOeight guide Lara Heimann to help rebuild an orphanage and provide education to underprivileged children so they can have a brighter future. In this beautiful little country on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, many children live in poverty or have been abandoned. We hope to raise awareness about this issue and do our part in investing in the children and providing them with education and tools to become active citizens.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Help change the world.

The time is NOW.

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