Turn That Frown Upside Down in General

Having a bad day? Shift your perspective and turn your day around in this dynamic oneOeight meditative flow “Turn That Frown Upside Down” to help you find happiness!

Starting in silent contemplation, class begins by moving deeper into whatever sensation might be causing you to feel heavy or sad. We’ll sit with this feeling, trying to embrace whatever might be bringing you down – allowing it to take up space in the body from within. As we deepen our awareness, we’ll activate the breath and move into a cleansing and uplifting flow. This fluid practice is complete with courageous handstand hops, restorative postures, a deep restful savasana, and a meditative body scan.

Embrace where you are and know that happiness is accessible.

Enjoy this class (and many more) at www.oneoeight.com!

Sending love to you!