Under the Full Moon, Waiting for Lea Luna in Pregnancy

One week ago around this exact time, this moment happened. I was in heavy labour and had been going since 4 in the morning with things progressing slowly. It was overwhelmingly painful and I was getting absolutely exhausted. My contractions were long, close together and almost unbearable and it took all of my might to stay with my breath and my body. Dennis brought me outside to the garden and held me in the moonlight as I rode wave after wave, each contraction bringing us closer to our little girl. I didn’t know how much more I would be able to handle but breathing under the full moon I remembered what I was working for. Lea Luna was on her way. It would be another 8 hours before I finally had her in my arms and it would get more challenging than I ever could have imagined but in this moment… We were still in the in-between. Our last hours on this earth alone. Slow dancing to music only we could hear. Breathing. Waiting for her.

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