Warming Christmas Practice in General

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Cozy up in this dynamic heat-building holiday-inspired class, “Warming Christmas Practice”!

This 30-minute class will begin on our backs, making space to tap into the present moment observing any energy, anticipation, joy or stress residing in the body brought on from the holiday. We’ll integrate the breath, finding a fluid cycle of inhales and exhales to begin creating space in the body. From here, we’ll mindfully set an intention, something we’d like to invoke this holiday season!

As we start to move, we’ll warm up the spine with gentle Supine Twists, before waking up the center of the body with a little core work. We’ll play in 3-Legged Dog, challenging our balance and building heat in the process. As we continue to stoke our inner-fire, we’ll flow through an invigorating and fun sequence complete with Lunge Taps, Twisting Crescent Lunges, Side Planks, and Half Pigeon pose.

In Savasana, we return to a childlike sensation of joy – acknowledging all of the happiness that exists in our lives, and all that we have to be grateful for.

Unroll your mat and celebrate this beautiful season with full heart! It brings me joy knowing that where ever you are, we can practice together. Visit www.oneoeight.com to take this class!