We miss you, Pep. in Love

Throwback to a beach day with Laika and the most handsome boy I’ve ever known. We miss you, Pep.

These last months I’ve felt less like a piece of my heart is missing and more like I have a companion by my side. I know you walk beside me… All the time. I’m never alone. The other day Ringo howled with the wind and I swear it was you. He’s never howled before and I never heard it again. There are those moments when I feel you so close. When I’m fearful, or lonely. A sudden warmth in my belly. I feel it right now.

Losing a dog is inexplicable to those that haven’t been through it, and I didn’t just lose a dog. I lost the dog. I have many beating hearts in my life but yours was always the closest.

So. Thank you for never leaving me even when I thought you did.