Week 12: Travel Time in Pregnancy

This is a travel week for us!! I was so worried about traveling and still feeling nauseous and crappy – some weeks I haven’t even wanted to leave the house, let alone think about flying across the Atlantic. People have been telling me ”just wait for the third month to be over” and guess what… Week 12 arrived and with it, a whole new pregnancy feeling! All my nausea is completely gone, aside from a tiny bit in the evening, and I feel super energetic all of a sudden. We got to go see who we were hoping to be our new midwife the day before we left Aruba, but turns out that guy only does hospital births… And I’m set on giving birth at home. I don’t want it to be medical, and I don’t want fear and bright lights surrounding us on our big day. Leaving the appointment I broke down crying – what if we don’t find a midwife that we like who does home births? I decided to put my worries aside and focus on our big trip to Europe instead. Time will tell what will happen, and I’m sure we’ll find the right person.

image1Getting on the plane I did bring a whole hand luggage full of snacks and fruits just in case – I was worried I’d get hit with a nausea wave on the plane, but thankfully I didn’t. Now the idea of nausea is worse than the nausea itself! We arrived in Sweden and I’ve been feeling amazing. We got to tell my dad which was magical – he cried and had to excuse himself to go inside for a few minutes… Lots of emotion! Telling my grandfather was the best – we had bought a frame that said “Aruba” and in it we put the 10-week ultrasound picture. He opened the package and exclaimed “YES!!! An Aruba frame!!! Thank you – exactly what I wanted! It really is time for me to come visit you again!!!” – he was SO excited about the frame he didn’t even notice the picture inside! Haha, I couldn’t stop laughing… When I pointed at the picture and told him “There is something IN the frame too, Grandpa,” he looked at the picture, turned the frame upside down, squinted and asked “Is is… Is it mussels? Clams?”. Safe to say, funniest pregnancy announcement moment to date.

We’re still not shouting it off the rooftops but slowly telling my family and our friends here in Sweden. Next week we’re going to Holland to tell Dennis’ dad in person – we don’t want him accidentally finding out through Facebook or something! So it’s still a bit of a secret, but not for long…