Week 13: Baby Bump in General

image4Safe to say – feeling the most amazing ever since this pregnancy started! I’m energetic, not tired at all, nausea is completely gone, and I’m walking on cloud nine sharing the happy news with family and friends. And I’m showing!! Like, totally showing. I have been showing a little bit since very early on, but I know part of that is bloating and water retention… But now, there is a definite something. I’m wearing tight dresses and rocking this little baby bump as much as I can.

Looking at me you could probably just assume I’ve gained some weight, but I feel so amazing. I feel really beautiful! Some people have told me it’s early to show this much at this stage but I feel really good about it. Enjoying the crap out of this Sweden trip – the sun is shining, the weather is great and Dennis and I are just walking around smiling at each other all day. A part of us still can’t believe it. We love you little Poppyseed!