Week 14: Headed to Seattle in Pregnancy


image3I’m writing this from my kitchen table in Aruba. We landed yesterday afternoon and today we fly to Seattle for Bumbershoot festival and oneOeight meetings. It’s been a crazy long trip getting here, and today we get on a super long flight again… Travel time is 15 hours for us to get from Aruba to Seattle. Ugh! I’m dreading it but I’m also so excited to sit with our Seattle team, and to teach at the music festival of course!

Pregnancy wise I’m still feeling good, but my sinuses have taken a turn for the worse, probably because of all the traveling and long hours sitting on airplanes. We landed yesterday afternoon and the moment I got home I took a cool shower and then fell asleep on the couch. I don’t remember Dennis trying to wake me up to eat dinner or getting me to move from the couch to the bedroom – I slept like a log for 12 hours straight!

I woke up at 2 am from Ringo scratching at the door, wanting to get out (2 am Aruba time is 8 am Sweden time, so no wonder he was confused). We managed to go back to bed and I got up at 5 am. Seattle will be another three hours back so we’ll be 8 hours off total. Crazy!

Send me some strength so I can keep my energy up this weekend… I’m feeling super happy this morning despite travel madness – today we are telling the world about our little poppyseed! Everyone close to us knows by now and I’m 14 weeks and two days, so there is no reason to why we should wait any longer. We’ve been debating how to do the big announcement – if it should be a family picture, a belly picture, the ultrasound… I can’t decide. I have a belly-selfie I took the other day that I can post, and I think Dennis wants to do a photo that involves Ringo. We’ll see! It’s 6 am as I’m writing this, and I want to get all my pregnancy blogs up too… I’ve been blogging secretly up until now and I’m so excited to bring you all along for this journey. Just a few more hours to go!