Week 5: Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts ALL DAY LONG?

This was the beginning of a rough few weeks for me. The worst thing I the world for me is being nauseous – I just can’t take it. I don’t throw up EVER. Seriously, I never throw up. When I went in to surgery for an appendectomy I threw up, but before that it hadn’t happened since I was a teenager and had alcohol poisoning. I. Don’t. Throw. Up. And I wasn’t planning on starting now!

Somehow I had thought that I was just going to skip that whole nausea and morning sickness thing. A part of me thought that was for other women, weaker women, but not me! I think back on it now and smile – I had no idea what I was in for! No way José. Alas……… It arrived.

I spent every day of week 5 unable to leave the house because I was on the verge of throwing up the entire time. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t drink water. I couldn’t move. Everything I did made me nauseous. Eating made me nauseous. Not eating made me nauseous. I couldn’t figure out a way to function and it was absolutely awful. I started getting fearful – what if this is what my pregnancy is going to be for eight more months? How would I cope? I have a friend who literally was nauseous during her entire pregnancy. At several points she had to go to the hospital to get an IV because she got so dehydrated, and she decorated her bathroom with a new carpet and candles, complete with a framed picture of her ultrasound, because she spent so much time on her bathroom floor and she needed a reminder that it was all for something.

What if that was going to happen to me? To me there is nothing worse than nausea. Also, my sense of smell was getting crazy sensitive and since everything I could smell made me nauseous, this was not a good thing. Ugh. I dragged my way through this week and didn’t leave the house a single time, praying it was temporary. I was in for a surprise, that’s for sure…

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