Week 7: Goodbye Nausea, Hello Exhaustion in Pregnancy

This was my first week not overcome by nausea! Success!

I’ve been following my anti-nausea regime religiously – eating something before I get out of bed, eating every 2 hours, and it’s safe to say I’m feeling like a normal human being again. My nausea has subsided a whole lot and I have even been able to eat some hot meals (yay!). I’m sticking to keeping all meals small and eating more often, but I can feel myself easing into a more normal routine. Fighting the all-day morning sickness monster was exhausting and made me feel like I couldn’t relax in my life – I was scared to get hit by a nausea wave in the middle of a meeting, or out at a restaurant, so I stayed home almost the entire time. Now I’m feeling a lot better and more at ease.

As my nausea is subsiding and brand new symptom is hitting me: I’m exhausted. So. Exhausted.


I haven’t felt tired at all up until now but these days I get up, eat breakfast and then I need a nap. And a nap after lunch. And a nap in the afternoon. It’s nuts! And I’m sleeping full nights, getting 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Growing a baby apparently makes you tired ☺ It’s not bad though – I’m lucky to be in a space right now where things are quite calm business wise so I can actually choose to sleep in every day and take naps when I need to. What a luxury!!! I know this wont be the case forever but I feel so blessed to really have time to rest now. I’ve been having some very odd cravings; aside from only wanting to eat unripe, sour fruits, I now crave Choco Krispies (you know that really unhealthy cereal you used to eat as a kid?), apple juice and this Swedish thing called “mjukost”, soft cheese from a tube, that I literally haven’t had since I was 10. So strange!