Welcome to the World, Lea Luna! in Love, Pregnancy

Thank you for finally coming out of me angel!

From a tiny poppyseed to a 4,170 gram (8.5 lbs) 51 centimeter (20 inches) baby girl! Born March 13 at 4:16 am after 24-hours of intense labor. Life will never be the same. I love her so much it terrifies me. Every piece of her is so perfect I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

I got to pull her out myself with the final two pushes and Dennis cut the cord like a champ. She came out with her eyes wide open, alert and calm, just quietly looking around the room. Kind of like she’s done this a few times before.

Giving birth to her is the single most challenging and empowering experience I’ve ever had in my life. After laboring at home for 18 hours we ended up going to the hospital – her head was wedged stuck in my pelvis and she couldn’t descend and I never dilated more than 4cm (even with mega intense contractions 2.5 minutes long and only seconds apart).

After working harder than I ever have in my life we ended up delivering at the hospital, thankfully still a natural birth without pain medication and in as much peace as I was longing for at home. So beyond grateful for Dennis for being a rock all the way through (24 hours is no joke!!) and to Kelly Robinson for the unconditional support (if you’re in need for a doula look her up!). So so so grateful to have this little girl in my arms. Breastfeeding with Ringo by my side as we speak.

I will share the full birth story later when I’ve had time to process – it’s SO wild. I bow to every woman out there. Pushing a human being out of your vagina is no walk in the park. 😳 Thank you everyone for the beautiful wishes!

Lea Luna is born into such a loving community my heart swells just thinking about it.

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