Work Hard, Rest Well in General

Home is where your hammock is.

The only way to get a lot done is to balance work with rest. Work hard – rest well. I work long hours and days on end with no break. I work for myself so I work all the time. I have no proper schedule, no work hours, no 9-5. No weekends. No real vacations. But I rest a lot, too. I find pockets of rest in the day – 30 minutes in this hammock when the baby naps, for instance. An hour on my yoga mat before I teach. Genuine, phone-free hours of play. A soak in the tub before bed. The thing about rest is that it has to be deep – it has to be real, or it doesn’t count. Half an hour gazing at this view with a cup of tea in my hands can be enough to recharge me for the whole day, but it doesn’t work if I’m running through my to-do list in my head. I have to let go. And it’s a practice, letting things be. Softening. I’m getting better at it every day and somehow, along with it, I’m more productive, too. Right now I feel like my business is a freight train – it can’t be stopped. And I can trust that things will keep moving while I lie here, taking deep breaths, watching the clouds go by.

Learning how to put things down might just be the key to making your dreams come true…