Yoga Girl Editor-In-Chief Job Opening in General

It takes a village to raise a child, or move a mountain, or grow a business. What started as a business run from my kitchen table, is now a thriving global community of fellow yogis and people all with the common thread of doing good things in the world, wanting to work together, wanting to share, wanting to be of service. It is humbling, and I am forever grateful for knowing that I am contributing to world-wide change.

We are rooted in yoga, community, service, and inner healing, and as we move into new areas of business, our mission remains the same; to use our collective efforts to heal and change the world, starting with ourselves. In this business, we walk this beautiful path together, where the hardest part is just showing up.

It’s been three years since launching our online yoga video subscription service, – our platform for community building and healing – and we have learned more lessons than you can imagine. Mostly, we’ve learned where to focus, which is to focus on the things that matter most to us. We are now evolving in ways that will allow us to  deliver more meaningful products and services, community-driven stories, video content, first-person storytelling, and investigative journalism on subjects that matter most to us.

We are in the early development stages with our editorial strategy, and we are tip-toeing into e-commerce and  retail branded products that give back to the communities that serve us. Later this year, we will be launching a global initiative with a non-profit partner that is focused on making lasting change in the world at large. It is humbling. It is possible. It is now!

To help steer this ship, I’ve been creating a loyal and fantastic team who are walking this path with me. Today….I  am excited (and grateful) to announce that we are now looking to add to our team! We are seeking a fantastic and experienced Editor-in-Chief to head-up and oversee all editorial content published online, twice weekly newsletters, media shows (podcast) and in our upcoming print materials, which will be produced in partnership some exciting players. 

If you are an experienced Editor-In-Chief of a lifestyle or wellness brand (or if you think you have what it takes) and looking to join our small, passionate, and growing team that is dedicated to creating a business that matters in the world,  we truly want to hear from you.




Please send your 1-page CV to with Subject: Yoga Girl Editor-In-Chief.

Editor-In-Chief Job Description:

At Yoga Girl, you will play a major role in everything related to the company and its overall content strategy. You will be responsible for determining, managing, creating and improving written content in order to achieve business goals, and will work closely with leadership to make our content vision a reality. Your role is an integral part of the strength, value, and customer loyalty of our brand.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Oversee/own all editorial content, responsible for final output, including editorial calendar, story ideation and execution.
  • Set strategy, tone/style for all external communications vehicles.
  • Manage partner selection process and workflow (writers, work in conjunction with media team to identify media opportunities).
  • Review all content to ensure work is on brand.
  • In conjunction with management, oversee all content-related operations involving authors, producers, 3rd party providers, and vendors. Work closely with colleagues to review, edit, and create editorial content which delivers our communications objectives.
  • Manage and lead content team including photographers and videographers.
  • Ensure that the website(s) is the heart of everything we do.
  • Help to make content as widely accessible as possible, using blogs, forums and social media as appropriate, building traffic and reporting on performance using traffic measurement metrics.
  • Be a digital and social media evangelist for our community.
  • Ensure that all published content is in compliance with editorial standards, diversity policies and all relevant safety rules, procedures and guidelines.
  • Determine priorities, with a clear view of what is and what is not practical within the constraints of time, costs and resources while anticipating problems and determining how best to resolve them.
  • Occasionally contribute editorial pieces.


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism or any other subject in a liberal art field from an accredited institution.
  • Exceptional ability in copywriting and editing.
  • Understanding of the practical application of social media techniques/tools and the issues surrounding them.
  • Working knowledge of online platforms such as CMS Platform Contentful
  • Strong organizational, planning and coordination (team and operations) skills
  • Outstanding communication and “people” abilities
  • Reliable, detail-oriented, efficient
  • High level professional experience in digital editorial content management and creation
  • Able to work under and meet strict deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of SEO
  • 8 years professional experience in Journalism and Communications
  • Fluency in MS Office, G-suite, Adobe and Monday Project Management Tool
  • Proficiency in English

    *The website and all company content  will be written in English.

    **This position requires travel to our corporate headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and Aruba.  While the position starts as a 6 month-contract, we intend to make it a permanent position within 6 months.  This role will head up our content team in Stockholm Sweden, therefore if working remotely, would need to adjust accordingly.