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As International Women’s day is approaching I thought this would be a perfect time to share a post on something very important – especially for us women! As you know, I’ve been working with Natural Cycles for some time. The topic of this year’s International Women’s Day is Press For Progress and to continue the work toward gender equality. Leading up to International Women’s day on March the 8th, Natural Cycles is raising topics related to how they and others continuously #PressForProgress in the field of contraception and female health (to learn more, go click here).

One topic concerns the knowledge gap in reproductive health and contraception. This is something I am super passionate about – how come many of us know so little about how our own bodies work? Many women truly learn about ovulation, menstruation and fertility first when they are ready to have a baby. Speaking of this; one of the questions I get asked the most is when me and Dennis are planning to have a second one and to that I say… Hold your horses people! I don’t know if you know, but one baby is a lot of babies! I am so enjoying motherhood but the thought of two gives me cold sweats. How do people do it with more than one? Holy smokes! We are talking about it a lot; when the perfect time for a second one would be and how we’d manage goring our family by one more. A part of me feels that now since we’re in the baby zone, we might as well just go for a second one right away but another part of me thinks that’s just absolute madness and that we should wait at least another 3 years.

But thinking about it, why don’t we talk about these things more? Fertility, what the menstrual cycle is and why it matters, and everything else that comes with having a uterus? Natural Cycles is working hard to close the knowledge gap and for me, getting to know my cycle has become a conscious part of my day-to-day life.

Before I started using Natural Cycles, I had an IUD and when I took it out I didn’t want to use hormones or be on the pill so tracking my cycle seemed like the most natural way to go. I didn’t know just how much I’d end up loving it and used it up until the year before I got pregnant. Natural Cycles consist of an app and a basal thermometer and I keep track of my cycle by taking my temperature every morning before I get out of bed, and add the data to the app. The app shows me where in my cycle I am and detects ovulation, PMS, period, fertility… So easy!

Keeping track of your cycle is a practice that women from all cultures have been using for centuries. Through science, clinical studies and tech, Natural Cycles has taken a traditional  method and made it an effective form of contraception. Natural Cycles has a Pearl Index (the most common technique used in clinical trials for reporting the effectiveness of a birth control method) of 7, which means that the method is 93% effective when used typically, which is comparable to other methods.

Natural Cycles is a modernized way to integrate cycle tracking into your day-to-day life! And you learn so much about your body – everyone is different, everyone can learn. I love not having to deal with the side-effects of putting hormones in my body and best of all; Dennis can carry as much responsibility as I do! He has the app installed on his phone and reminds me to take my temperature before I get out of bed every morning. Whenever we decide to go for a second baby we will reverse the app and use it toward getting pregnant instead.

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